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As a roleplayer, I know how difficult it is to find gifs of the FC's you want to roleplay as! We aim to give you a compilation of gifs that will help you when you roleplay. We do not own any of the gifs we post and we acknowledge the original posters.
The gif-list is organized in alphabetical order according to group and member name.


UNDERUSED FACE CLAIM | TIFFANY HWANG | 19-25 | Korean Singer in So Nyuh Shi Dae/Girls Generation. 

I’m not an RPH but an underused faceclaim would absolutely be: Tiffany Hwang. I hardly ever see Asian facelaims in roleplays that aren’t BooBoo, Brenda or Jamie and the k-pop world is literally a well of untapped potential. Tiffany herself is gorgeous, versatile and talented.

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’4

Hair:  Her hair has been black, light brown, red, dark red, blonde for a little while (during the hoot promotions), short, medium length and rather long. 

shes so bad at sports though lol what a cutie 

GIFS:  11 seperate gif hunts  | Mine 1 | Mine 2 | Emotions

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